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Mounting Peco Turnout Motors

All trackwork on my layout uses Peco equipment. I like the quality of the track and the reasonable price. It is also widely available. There is a fairly wide range of sectional track though I rarely use it. I use Code 80 track. The track I use is Peco SL-300. This is flexible track that comes in 3'(914mm) lengths. Due to the limited space I am using the short turnouts in the yard. The left and right handed turnouts are ST-6 and ST-5. The point motors are PL-10. I also use the Peco foam underlay. I bought all these from eHattons . The prices were low (lower when VAT is deducted and the exchange rate was good) and shipping to Oz is cheap. It takes a little over a week to deliver.

Peco Turnouts

ST-5 and ST-6 turnouts

The ST-5 and ST-6 are the shortest right handed and left handed turnouts in the Peco range. They are meant more for use with sectional track. They are not normally used on realistic layouts but I was building a yard, the space was limited and I am not much into realism. The turnouts have a built in spring to keep them in position. This is handy if you are using solenoid type turnout motors. The dimensions are:
  Radius = 9" (228mm)
  Frog No. = #2.4
  Frog Angle = 22.5°
  Length of stright section = 3 7/16" (87mm)

PL-10 motor, PL-10W motor, PL-11 motor, PL-12 adaptor

The PL-10 point motor is the one I use and also the most common one. There are variations of this motor - the PL-10E has an longer pin to increase the distance between the motor and the turnout. The PL-10W has a coil with lower current requirements and this too has a version with a longer pin, the PL-10WE. The point motor has two independent coils that are actuated to shift the point. The point motor itself does not have a spring to hold it at each end - it depends on the turnout to do that.

Mounting Options

The motor has three pairs of tabs that can be slid into slots and bent to hold it in place. Depending on the mounting option, one set may have to be bent out of the way. The motor can be directly mounted on any Peco HO or N turnout or the PL-12 adapter. The tabs on the motor slide into slots in the turnouts. The pin on the motor slides into a hole in the sliding part in the turnout or turnout adapter.

Above baseboard mount

Mount above surface - Photo

Mount above surface - Dimensions

Mount the motor on the side above the baseboard. This is the easiest method. Three screws are needed to attach the PL-12 to the baseboard. The PL-12 with its own spring increases the load on point motor. The motor is hard to disguise and in a yard full of motors will not be a sight for sore eyes. They stick out to the side quite a bit and the clearance required may be a problem in a yard.

Below baseboard mount

Mount below surface - Photo

Mount below surface - Horizontal Dimensions

Mount below surface - Vertical Dimensions

Mount the point motor directly on the turnout. The Peco turnouts have slots to mount the motor off-centre. The motor does not have to work hard with only the spring in the turnout to work against. A big hole (40 x 25mm) has to be cut into the baseboard and the motor still sticks out below the surface by 20mm. If the pin sticking out underneath is not trimmed, that amounts to 26mm. The footprint is small with the offset mount contributing 19mm. Depending on the space constraints, the motor can be offset on either side. There is very little to disguise, especially if the tabs not used are bent down.

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